The BREWER series brewery falls into category of CRAFT BREWERIES, it helps to reach a production option ranging from
2 500 to 25 000 hl annually.



The two-vessel block brew kettle of the BREWER brewery reaches a capacity of 55 hl and its optimized production output is 5 000 hl per year, with optional extension of up to 12 500 hl per year.


Do you prefer quality in a simple design at the most affordable price and will you appreciate fast delivery? Then the ideal solution for you is the basic execution of the BREWER brewery in the variation ECONOMY.

Do you like luxury and are particular about sophisticated execution of every single part to form a dazzling whole? Above-standard execution of the basic series BREWER with the option of increasing the production output, that is what you get with variation PLATINUM.

Where to find brewer?

Grunbud Brewery

POland, POZNaŇ, 2017

The brewery from the BREWER category is a 55 hl brewery, the largest brewery in the EASY BREW TECH series, delivered the PACOVSKE STROIRNY at the end of 2017 to the Polish city of Poznan. This brewery is built in a new hall in the Industrial Zone on the outskirts of the city, in the Sady section. Part of the brewery is a two-vessel brewhouse with a capacity of 50 hls / batch with fully automatic control. Brewing facilities include a whirlpool and hot and cold water tanks. The entire concept of the brewhouse and the lager section is ready for the planned expansion with another brewing vessel and CK tanks to increase the capacity of the whole brewery. At this time, the brewery is launching and its trial runs.

BREWER breweries have been built