The CRAFTER series brewery falls into category of CRAFT BREWERIES, it helps to reach a production option ranging from
1 500 to 15 000 hl annually.



The two-vessel block brew kettle of the CRAFTER brewery reaches a capacity of 33 hl and its optimized production output is 3 000 hl per year, with optional extension of up to 7 500 hl per year.


Do you prefer quality in a simple design at the most affordable price and will you appreciate fast delivery? Then the ideal solution for you is the basic execution of the CRAFTER brewery in the variation ECONOMY. Do you like luxury and are particular about sophisticated execution of every single part to form a dazzling whole? Above-standard execution of the basic series CRAFTER with the option of increasing the production output, that is what you get with variation PLATINUM.

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Zichovec Family Brewery

Czech Republic, Louny, 2016

Zichovec Brewery was opened in Louny in March 2016. PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied turnkey brewery technology with planned production of 10,000 hl/year with an option to expand to 20,000 hl/year. The heart of the brewery is a fully-automatic two-vessel brew kettle with a 30 hl whirlpool tub. Four 60 hl cylindroconical tanks, two 30 hl cylindroconical tanks and other accessories were also supplied.

Trautenberk Brewery

Czech Republic, Horní Malá Úpa, 2016

The Trautenberk Brewery, dominated by a stainless brew kettle with a capacity of 30 hl of wort per batch, storage tanks with a capacity of 60 hl, an VLV 460 ice water maker and other equipment, is situated in the Družba Hotel in Horní Malá Úpa. The brewery is located in an attractive tourist area in the eastern part of the Giant Mountains, on the border between the Czech Republic and Poland, featuring both winter skiing resorts and summer hiking trails. 

Visitors to the brewery admire the cylindroconical tanks installed on an elevated structure. These are visible even from the main road that passes alongside the brewery building. The investor chose PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY as a reputable microbrewery supplier. The Trautenberk Brewery produces approximately 8,000 hl per year, and the beer will also be served in Jánské Lázně and other Giant Mountain resorts.

Hostivar II

Czech Republic, Prague 10, 2017

The best reference is undoubtedly a satisfied customer, which proudly for us is the company Hostivar Pivo. In 2015, we delivered to this customer the Trautenberk Brewery in Horní Malá Úpa situated at an altitude of 1,045 meters above sea level in the Krkonoše Mountains, and we are currently completing the installation of another brewery for Pivo Hostivar in Horní Měcholupy.

The current brewery in Horní Měcholupy will be replaced with equipment three times the size supplied by PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY. The Hostivar Brewery consists of a two-vessel brewhouse with a volume of 33 hl and a whirlpool vat on the common walking platform. The brewery also consists of lagering tanks with a volume of 60 hl, fermentation vats with a volume of 60 hl and cylindroconical tanks with a volume of 30 hl. The brewery also includes other equipment such as a malt grinder, a glycol system, a compressor, a steam producer, pumps, CIP tanks, keg fillers, etc.

Artezan Brewery

Poland, Błonie, 2014

At the end of last year there was an opening ceremony of a new industrial Artezan microbrewery that is owned by The Browar Prywatny Company. The Browar Prywatny Company has become synonymous on the Polish market as to quality brands that is also supported by its convenient location. Production facility of Artezan is located in the village of Blonie, approximately 35 km west of the Warsaw center.

Putting into operation microbrewery was a crucial step for the investor, because in the past the beer used to be produced in a small, self-help devices assembled. The Browar Prywatny Company specializes in producing top-fermented ales that gained considerable popularity among consumers. The dominant element of the PACOVSKE STROJÍRNY microbrewery represents a stainless steel double-vessel brewhouse that can be controlled along with a whirlpool vat and counter from one service platform. One batch has a volume of 3300 l. The hopper holds up to 1100 kg of malt, moreover it is also equipped with malt masher and vibration device for easier emptying of the hopper. Preparation and dosing of malt is performed by operators with a minimum of physical effort. Managing of the brewing process is done via software developed by PACOVSKE STROJIRNY employees. Controlling is performed via a touch screen display showing the current status. The program also works in a manual or semi-automatic control, available in three languages. As a part of the supply there also were cylindrical-conical tanks with a total capacity of 240 hls, a pressure tank with a capacity of 30 hls and a hot water tank with a capacity of 60 hls. Other unusual features include universal hops dispenser allowing dosing directly into cylindrical-conical tanks. Currently Artezan is producing from 5.000 to 6.000 hl of ale type beer annually. The new microbrewery has published an article on the website of the Polish breweries ( that serves as a guide for places where real beer is offered and sold.


Poland, Lebork, 2016

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY delivered a small brewery with a three-vessel brewhouse with a volume of 35 hl to the Polish town of Lebork situated on the Baltic Sea. The investor, the Polish firm AleBrowar, is already well-known and popular on the Polish market, despite having operated to date in leased breweries. As these were no longer sufficient for the company’s needs, they decided to build their own brewery. As the term ‘ALE’ in their name suggests, the brewery specialises in top-fermented beers, which have already won awards in this category at professional competitions. The brewery was ranked in America among the top 100 beer producers in the world in 2016. The new brewery commenced operations in January 2017.

Zapanbrat Brewery

Poland, Żywiec, 2016

December 2016 marked the launch of a brewery in the Polish town of Zywiec near the Czech-Polish border. The investor is a family company in the smoked meats business. The company decided to add a small industrial brewery, which was delivered in two phases: the first phase involved malt and brewing equipment, the second phase equipment for brewing lagers.

The delivered brewhouse with a size of 30 hl with two vessels and a whirlpool tank is already prepared for the future addition of a wort tank. The cylindroconical tanks have volumes of 30 hl, 60 hl and 90 hl. The investor plans to brew mainly top-fermented beers, which are very popular on the Polish market.

Cristal Georgia Brewery

Georgia, Lagodekhi, 2016

Pacovské strojírny completed the project of comprehensive modernisation in conjunction with a capacity increase of Cristal Georgia, a small brewery in Lagodekhi in the east of Georgia. Based on an agreement with the brewery owner, last year our company delivered the first three cylindro-conical tanks to increase production capacity and a kieselguhr filtration system to improve beer quality. As part of the ongoing modernisation, a new Brewhouse saw its grand opening on 7 June 2016, equipped with a three-vessel, stainless steel, 33-hectolitre brew kettle and a brand new milling system. The ceremony was attended by representatives of our company, SAFICHEM group managers, representatives of local and regional authorities as well as local celebrities.

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