We like beer
as much
as you do

We like beer
as much
as you do


The new face of brewing technology produced by the traditional
Czech manufacturer PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY.

This year, our company PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY is to introduce a comprehensive range of brewing technology products with a brand name EASY-BREW-TECH within the framework of which the customers will be offered 6 standardised brewery ranges categorised according to the size of the brew kettle. The individual ranges of breweries bear their own name and its own identical colour for ease of reference. Each range is available in ECONOMY and PLATINUM variations.

The conception of the new marketing brand EASY-BREW-TECH forms the basis for further production and technical solutions that bring forth the unification of production, better orientation for the customers and efficient service provided to the breweries.



Pub Breweries

designation of breweries with a BLOCK brew kettle from
2.5 hl to 11 hl.

Craft Breweries

breweries with NO BLOCK brew kettles and a capacity of
33 hl and above.

Each range is offered in two variations:

ECONOMY – For those who prefer quality in a simple design at the most affordable price and fast delivery

PLATINUM – a luxury option, which offers the above-standard execution of the basic series with the option of increasing the production output


  • We supply complex technologies for the operation of microbreweries and small industrial breweries with an annual production output of approximately 20,000 hl.
  • Being a leader in the Czech and even global engineering market, we are proud supplier of microbreweries.
  • The success of our partners, who win prestigious brewing competitions thanks to PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY technologies, is our biggest award for the superior work carried out by our people as well as the best motivation.

Our vision

With the new conception of EASY-BREW-TECH brand, we wish to offer our customers a better orientation in our technologies and – from our perspective – we will be able to provide efficient service to our customers and business partners.