The KEGGY series brewery falls into category of PUB BREWERIES, it helps to reach a production option ranging from 250 to
2 500 hl annually.



The two-vessel block brew kettle of the KEGGY brewery reaches a capacity of 11 hl and its optimized production output is 500 hl per year, with optional extension of up to 1 250 hl ročně.


Do you prefer quality in a simple design at the most affordable price and will you appreciate fast delivery? Then the ideal solution for you is the basic execution of the KEGGY brewery in the variation ECONOMY.

Do you like luxury and are particular about sophisticated execution of every single part to form a dazzling whole? Above-standard execution of the basic series KEGGY with the option of increasing the production output, that is what you get with variation PLATINUM.

where to find KEGGY?

Pivovar U Bezoušků (closed)

Czech Republic, Praha, Průhonice, 1994

This contract was one of the first microbreweries delivered as a turnkey project by PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY. In 1994, the company installed in the U Bezoušků restaurant in Průhonice a copper brew kettle with a 5.5 hl capacity, together with fermentation vats and lagering and filling tanks. The delivery involved the complete assembly of the equipment, including the tank cooling. The brew kettle is situated directly in the restaurant. The restaurant offers a standard Pilsner lager (11°, 12° and 15°) and a variety of beer specials. Currently, this microbrewery moved to new premises in Prague with a new name – the National Brewery(Pivovar Národní).

Lipan Brewery House

Czech Republic, Týn nad Vltavou, 1997, 2011

The brewery with a 5.5-hl two-vessel brewhouse supplied by PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY in 1997, additional equipment was delivered in 2011.

“Blue Star” Brewery

Czech Republic, Týn nad Vltavou, 1997, 2011

The Blue Star restaurant created a brewery with a 5.5 hl brewhouse in 1998, and PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY was involved in this project as a subcontractor of the complete technology.

Brewery House, Prague

Czech Republic, Prague 2, 1998

Immediately after opening in the spring of 1998, this microbrewery and restaurant became one of the most popular businesses in Prague. The mini-brewery, which is a part of it and dominates the restaurant’s interior, offers at least eight kinds of beer. PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY was a supplier of a 5.5-hl copper brewhouse.

Mansion Brewery, Zábřeh

Czech Republic, Ostrava, 2007

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied the technology for the Zabreh castle brewery in 2007. A 5.5 hl copper kettle was also included.

Hop and Beer Temple

Czech Republic, Žatec, 2010

The construction of a microbrewery in the area with a long tradition in hops production brought PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY to the Hops and Beer Temple in Žatec in December 2009. The Town of Žatec decided to operate a microbrewery within its beer centre, which also houses a hop museum and a lookout tower. The turnkey microbrewery assembly enabled the production of Pilsner beer with an annual capacity of 1,000 hl, in three basic types (10°, 12° and 14°) and other beer specials. Everything has been adapted for the Žatec hops growing region to enable the use of mainly Czech hops. The contract was completed in June 2010.

Pivo Praha Microbrewery

Philippines, Manila City, 2010

Restaurant microbrewery, 5.5 hl copper brewhouse , yearly output 500 hl.

Rožnov Beer Spa

Czech Republic, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, 2010

The whole brewery technology was supplied by the PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY to Rožnovské beer spa in 2010. It included a copper kettle with a capacity of 5.5 hls and other accessories.

“Podřípský” Family Brewery

Czech Republic, Ctiněves, 2014

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied complete turnkey brewery technology to the Podřipský Family Brewery, located right under the Říp Mountain in the village of Ctiněves. This microbrewery of the restaurant type consists of a brew kettle of 5.5 hl with a copper finish, using the classic technology of two-stage beer production and an annual output of 1,000 hl. For fermentation and bottling, there are 8 lager tanks of 10 hl, 1 cylindrical-conical tank with a capacity of 10 hl, 2 pressure tanks of 10 hl, 3 open fermentation vats of 10 hl and 1 yeast storage tank of 40 l. Other accessories include a hot water tank with a capacity of 10 hl, a 2 hl CIP tank with a heater and a 2 hl CIP tank without a heater. Beer is brewed following the traditional method, using only water, hops, malt and brewer’s yeast.

“Národní” Brewery

Czech Republic, Prague 1, 2015

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY has supplied technology to the Národní Brewery (Pivovar Národní) restaurant located on the premises of the Roman Catholic Convent of St. Ursula near the National Theatre in Prague. In 1994, PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied a hand-hammered copper brew kettle of 5.5 hl capacity to U Bezoušků restaurant in Průhonice. The brew kettle has been completely refurbished and moved to a new location together with the original lagering tanks with a capacity of 5 hl and 10 hl. The microbrewery equipment by PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY has been supplemented with 10 hl fermenting vats, an ice water maker and other accessories. 

Revolta Brewery

Czech Republic, Žďár nad Sázavou, 2015

The microbrewery building is situated in the upper part of Republic Square in Žďár nad Sázavou. The microbrewery consists of a two-vessel block stainless brew kettle with a capacity of 5.5 hl of wort, a fermentation tank, storage tanks, cylindroconical tanks, a squeezer, a filler, a washer, and other equipment and appliances. Customers can see the entire brewery technology and watch the brewer at work through large glass panels. The brewery opened in April 2016.

“U Supa” Brewery

Czech Republic, Prague 1, 2016

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY provided a unique technology with a glass brewhouse for one of the Prague’s most prestigious U Supa restaurants, located in the very center of the city, not far from the Old Town Square. After less than a year of operation, something, which was to be expected, has happened – the capacity of the cellars, located in the ancient building of the Charles University, was no longer enough. There has been an agreement with the university management to release a part of its boiler room in favor of expanding the brewery. PACOVSKE STROJIRNY were again asked to help with a solution that would allow tanks to be placed in a very small space to double the capacity of cellars. Therefore, the resulting solution included the placing of horizontal lager tanks above each other and deviation from solution of fermentation and maturing of beer in CK tanks.

Hnanice Brewery

Czech Republic, Hnanice, 2017

Heading to south Moravia for beer

In December 2016 PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY won a tender for delivering a turnkey mini-brewery to Hnanice near Znojmo. The heart of the brewery is a copper kettle with a capacity of 5.5 hls / batch and two overpressure tanks of 5 hls, which are exceptional with its copper cladding. These tanks and brewouse are located in a newly-built brewery restaurant, as well as the brewery’s premises and the adjoining guest house.

In the brewery there is an open 10-hl fermentation vat, three cylindroconical tanks each with a capacity of 10 hls, a 10 hl lager tank and a 10 hl overpressure tank. The big rival in this realization was the time, as the brewery had to be put into operation by the end of April. Therefore, great thanks go to all those involved in the realization of this contract. The reward for a well-done job is another order of lager tanks to expand the Hnanice Brewery. We delivered two 10 hl lager tanks in June and the next two will be delivered by the end of August. So we do not have to ride in South Moravia just for wine, but also for well-cooled beer. May God give you luck!

Druzhba microbrewery near Moscow

Russia, Moscow region, 1995

Miejski Brewery

Poland, Sopot, 2014

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied a minibrewery to the town of Sopot, a popular tourist site in Poland. Investor addressed PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY as a manufacturer with a long tradition, great experience and craftsmanship – all considered as a guarantee of quality that is from his point of view essential. The place of realization is the restaurant “Zloty Ul” in Sopot, located in the northern Pomeranian district in the Gulf of Gdansk on the Baltic Sea between Gdansk and Gdynia, forming a so-called Tricity. This is a very attractive tourist destination that hosts traditional music festivals. In the summer months it is a popular place for holiday and relaxation by the sea. Restaurant “Zloty Ul” is located near the Sopot Square, in a distance of about 0.5 km from the sea. Currently, there is installation of a complete minibrewery with a stainless steel brewhouse with a volume of 5,5 hls, with cylindroconical tanks of 10 hls, VLV 120 ice water making machine and other equipment. It is therefore a complete supply of turnkey minibrewery equipment, including securing the services of a Czech brewer and Czech ingredients. This summer season, visitors to Sopot can taste fine beer from the Pacovske minibrewery. We expect complete realization should significantly improve the prospects for other minibreweries supplies from PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY production on the Polish market.

Roel Brewery

Sweden, Linköping, 1998

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied a 5,5 hl copper restaurant minibrewery in 1998.

Karloff Czech Brewery - Restaurant

Armenia, Yerevan, 2012

Restaurant minibrewery, 5,5 hl brewhouse.

Prague 993 (Prague Craft Brewery)

South Korea, Bosan, 2016

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY has supplied technology for a microbrewery to Busan (South Korea) with an annual output of 125.000 litres of Czech pale lager brewed by a Czech brewer from Czech ingredients – malt, hops, etc. The brewery was delivered in record time – not even four months elapsed from the execution of the purchase contract to the commissioning of the brewery. In order to achieve this, a part of the delivery of the equipment had to be shipped by air. The brewery is located in a recently renovated former industrial building converted into a shopping and cultural centre, with our beautifully crafted copper brew kettle standing in the very heart of the building, surrounded by a painting gallery and luxury boutiques. For the Koreans, a visit to our brewery is a completely unique experience.

Echigo Beer

Japan, Fukui, 1999

Dummy, casing of 5.5 hl two-vessel brewhouse , copper version with the frame.

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