The MALTY series brewery falls into category of PUB BREWERIES, it helps to reach a production option ranging from 1 000 to 10 000 hl annually.


The two-vessel block brew kettle of the MALTY brewery reaches a capacity of 22 hl and its optimized production output is 2 000 hl hl per year, with optional extension of up to 5 000 hl per year.


Do you prefer quality in a simple design at the most affordable price and will you appreciate fast delivery? Then the ideal solution for you is the basic execution of the MALTY brewery in the variation ECONOMY.

Do you like luxury and are particular about sophisticated execution of every single part to form a dazzling whole? Above-standard execution of the basic series MALTY with the option of increasing the production output, that is what you get with variation PLATINUM.

where to find malty?

AVAR Brewery

Czech Republic, Hlučín, 1993

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied a brewery with a 22 hl stainless steel brewhouse volume to Hlučín in 1993.

Tambor Brewery

Czech Republic, Dvůr Králové nad Labem, 2012/2015

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied a 25 hl stainless steel brewhouse to the Tambor Brewery, a set of 75 hl lagering and overpressure tanks, in the second phase in 2015 PS delivered 75 hl  lagering and overpressure tanks. The planned brewery output is 10,000 hls / year.

HENDRYCH Family Brewery

Czech Republic, Vrchlabí, 2012

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY also participated in the foundation of Hendrych microbrewery in Vrchlabí in September 2011. The family microbrewery located near the ski centres in the Krkonoše Mountains relies on the year-round interest of tourists in this area. By August 2012, when the contract was completed, our staff manufactured and installed a brewery with an initial capacity of 3,000 hl providing for potential future extension. The equipment consists of a stainless steel brew kettle with a 22 hl capacity, fermentation, lagering and transfer tanks of 20 and 40 hl and 1 CK tank of 20 hl, designed for the production of specialty beers. Guests can taste standard light lager or half-dark specialty beer (bottom fermented, unpasteurized, unfiltered).

“Beskydský” Brewery

Czech Republic, Ostravice, 2013

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied a minibrewery to another Czech mountains. After the Krkonose and Sumava, Beskydy is to follow. The minibrewery consists of the two-vessel block brewhouse for a volume of hopped wort of 22 hls with stainless steel vessels in a visual finish of polished stainless steel along with steam heating. The brewhouse is equipped with a service platform for the brewhouse and 20 hl whirlpool vats operating. For fermentation and beer bottling there is one 40 hl cylindrical-conical tank, 4 cylindrical-conical tanks of 40 hls and 2 overpressure tanks of 40 hl. Another equipment is 35 hl hot water tank, 1000 L CIP vessel,  VLV 200 ice water making maching and VCHG 36 cooling equipment – a chiller for monopropyleneglycol cooling. Ostravian Beskydy beer is 100% natural, i.e., it is produced only from pure natural raw materials. It even meets the criteria of so called Reinheitsgebot, or the Bavarian Law of the highest purity from year 1516 when the only allowed ingredients for its production are malt, hops, water and yeast. And of course – all these mentioned materials are purely Czech or Moravian. Renowned Hanacky malt and even more notorious hops from Zatec. This is what makes a Czech beer the Czech beer. And can there be better water for Czech beer than the one from the Beskydy mountain streams? Let the Beskydy beer brewery be a pleasant enrichment of the beer map and a refreshing beer venue for the locals and tourists.

“Rožnovský” Brewery

Czech Republic, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, 2014

Pospíchalovi Family Brewery

Czech Republic, Hladov, 2015

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY has supplied another microbrewery to the Vysočina Region, this time to the village of Hladov near Jihlava. The order includes a stainless steel brew kettle with a capacity of 22 hl, a whirlpool, a wort cooling unit of 20 hl/hr, 2 fermenting tanks of 40 hl, 4 lagering tanks of 20 hl, 3 lagering tanks of 40 hl and transfer tanks with a capacity of 20 hl and 40 hl. Other equipment includes a hot water tank of 30hl, a CIP station of 10 hl with and without heating, an ice water maker and a unit for filling kegs. The planned production of the Hladov microbrewery is 3,500 hl/year.

Uhříněves Brewery

Czech Republic, Prague 10, 2015

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY has supplied the microbrewery technology for UHŘÍNĚVES BREWERY. The new brewery is located in Prague’s Uhříněves district, on the premises of a former brewery and malt house where beer was first brewed in 1705. The technology consists of a two-vessel stainless block brew kettle with a capacity of 22 hl of wort, a whirlpool, fermentation tanks, storage tanks, a cylindroconical tank, a transfer tank, CPI tanks, VLV 340 cooling system, and other equipment and appliances. The brewery opened in April 2016.

Codecon Brewery (closed)

Slovakia, Svätý Jur, 1995

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied a microbrewery with a 22 hl / batch brewhouse in a copper version to the Slovak town of Svätý Jur in 1995.

Sessler brewery

Slovakia, Trnava, 2008

The mini-brewery with an output of 5 000 hls / year with a 22 hl brewhouse were delivered by PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY to Trnava in 2008.

Vasileostrovskaya Pivovarnya

Russia, Sankt Petersburg, 2009

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied a 23 hl stainless steel brewhouse with a special construction where 4 brewhouses of the brewing dept. located above each other to Saint Petersburg,.

Pivovarnya Saratov (closed)

Russia, Saratov, 2000

A minibrewery with a 22-hl brewhouse and a planned 15,000 hl / year output was delivered to the Russian city of Saratov in 2000.

Mini Pivovarnya Irkutsk

Russia, Irkutsk, 2010

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied a three-vessel stainless steel brewhouse with a capacity of 23 hls and other accessories to the Russian city of Irkutsk in 2010.


Russia, Norilsk, 2010

25 hl stainless steel two-vessel brewhouse was delivered in 2010 to Norilsk, Russia, with additional accessories.

Mini Pivovarnya Mirnyj

Russia, Mirnyj, 2010

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY delivered  a two-vessel stainless steel brewhouse with a capacity of 25 hls / batch to the Russian city of Norilsk in 2010.

Browar Browar Piekarnia Piwa

Poland, Niezdara, 2016

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY delivered a complete turnkey brewery to the Polish town of Niezdar in 2016. The delivery included  a two-vessel stainless steel brewhouse with a capacity of 22 hls, whirlpool, fermenting and lagering tanks and other accessories.

Kirishima Highland Brewery

Japan, Fumoto, 1998

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied a minibrewerey with a 22-hl brewhouse and its 3000 hl yearly output to Japan.

Obora Brewery

Czech Republic, OBORA, MALŠICE, 2018

brewhouse: 22 hl capacity, Fermenting vats: 2x 14 hls, 2x 25 hls

lager cellar: total capacity 252 hls

MALTY breweries have been built