The PUBBY series brewery falls into category of PUB BREWERIES, it helps to reach a production option ranging from 500 to 5000 hl annually.



The two-vessel block brew kettle of the PUBBY brewery reaches a capacity of 11 hl and its optimized production output is 1 000 hl per year, with optional extension of up to 2 500 hl per year.


Do you prefer quality in a simple design at the most affordable price and will you appreciate fast delivery? Then the ideal solution for you is the basic execution of the PUBBY brewery in the variation ECONOMY.

Do you like luxury and are particular about sophisticated execution of every single part to form a dazzling whole? Above-standard execution of the basic series PUBBY with the option of increasing the production output, that is what you get with variation PLATINUM.

where to find pubby?

“U Tří růží” Brewery

Czech Republic, Prague 1, 2012

The project for the construction of this microbrewery was quite a challenge for PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY. The contract involved the manufacture of a two-vessel block brew kettle with a capacity of 11 hl of wort and a surface finish of polished copper. The brew kettle is situated on the ground floor of the restaurant. The brew kettle is complemented by an open fermentation vat and closed tanks located in the basement of the building. The capacity of the lager cellar is 1,200 to 1,500 hl per year. The planned production capacity is 1,500 hl of beer per year, i.e. 2,000 draught glasses per batch.

Along with actual production, we also performed the installation of the microbrewery in the restaurant in the Prague historical centre. We had to deal with the problem of the small size of the restaurant, which eventually required transportation and installation by helicopter. Nevertheless, all problems were solved by our staff and the installation of specially adapted lager tanks was carried out in agreement with conservationists only at night. In addition, it was necessary to install the steam generator through the roof by helicopter.

The contract was implemented from August 2011 and in May 2012 the brewery was opened after ten months of work. Guests can taste Pilsner beers as well as beer specials.

Čechmánek brewery (closed)

Czech Republic, Zlín, 2013

11 hl brewhouse of stainless steel and copper combination was supplied to the restaurant in Zlin.

LYER Brewery

Czech Republic, Modrava, 2013

In December 2013, PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY completed the Lyer microbrewery project in Modrava in the centre of the Šumava National Park. The dominant feature of the microbrewery is the 11 hl two-vessel stainless steel brew kettle heated by steam, with polished copper surface finish, which together with the rustic restaurant equipment helps to create a pleasant atmosphere. The brew vessels are accompanied by the vortex vat of the same volume. Fermentation and lagering takes place in eight CK tanks of 20 hl capacity, which are also used for filling in a manual line as transfer tanks. Additional equipment is represented by a filler of kegs and PET bottles. The equipment also includes a system for storing heat and cooling in the form of closed circuits of hot and cold water (1 storage tank of 2,000 l, 1 storage tank of 1,000 l for coolant, 1 storage tank of 2,000 l for coolant, 2 boilers with the capacity of 750 l of heating water. 1 boiler of 300 litres for heating water).

“Svatojakubský” Brewery

Czech Republic, Náměšť nad Oslavou, 2015

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied a microbrewery to a former farmhouse in the village of Hluboké; the facility is currently being converted into a small hotel with a restaurant, a microbrewery and a wine shop. The investor chose PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY because they require a high level of craftsmanship with a heavy emphasis on equipment quality and design. The microbrewery consists of a copper brew kettle with a 11 hl volume with glass hatches, a whirlpool vat, six fermenting vats of 10 hl, 24 lagering tanks of 10 hl, four CK tanks of 10 hl, a hot water tank, mobile two-vessel CIP stations, 150 l each, VLV 320 cooling equipment with heat recovery, a steam generator, wort coolers, malt squeezers, glass and PET bottle fillers, keg washers and fillers. The delivery also includes visualization of the brewing process with automatic temperature control. PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY will also carry out complete assembly on site, including functional tests. The investor wishes to make Czech beer using traditional technology and methods.

“Na Čtyrce” Brewery and Restaurant

Czech Republic, Pelhřimov, 2016

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY was the supplier of complete brewery technology with planned production of 1,500 hl/year; the brewery is located in the Na Čtyrce restaurant on the square in Pelhřimov. The dominant feature of the brewery is a copper two-vessel block brew kettle with a volume of 11 hl of wort per batch located in a separate room with glass windows. Planned production is 1,500 hl/year. The delivery also included a 10 hl fermenting vat, fermentation tanks, lagering tanks, transfer tanks and other accessories. The first ceremonial batch was brewed on New Year 2016.

Hluboká Brewery

Czech Republic, Hluboká nad Vltavou, 2017

“The brewery in Hluboka nad Vltavou was set up at the end of November in the first week of Advent and it is a complete supply and installation of the restaurant brewery, which was realized by PACOVSKE STROJÍRNY as a turnkey project, the brewery is situated on the square in Hluboká directly under the famous chateau. Every visitor of the Hluboká nad Vltavou city and chateau will have an opportunity to taste the beer from the brewing facility from Pacov. The brewery is equipped with an 11-hl brewery in a stainless steel version, with fermentation tanks, lager tanks and other accessories such as malt crusher, ice water making machine, compressor, pumps or steam generator. In the brewery, Czech type beers will mainly be brewed, that means beer bottom fermented and some specials. Operation was commenced in January 2017.

Říčany Brewery

Czech Republic, Říčany u prahy, 2018

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY commissioned another PUBBY microbrewery with a capacity of about 1000 hls / year. The brewery was built in Říčany by Prague near the city center, where a new restaurant was built in the renovated building from 1900, including a stainless steel brewhouse of 11 hls. The Říčanský pivovar was inaugurated on January 26, 2018 and there will be five kinds of top and bottom fermented, unfiltered and unpasteurised beers. The delivery included 4 pcs of lager tanks with a capacity of 20 hls, 1 piece of 10-liter lager tank, 3 pcs of 10-liter overpressure tanks, 2 pcs of fermentation tanks of 20 hls, 1 pc of 10 hl pressure tank and other accessories.

Monatic Brewery, Bratislava

Slovakia, Bratislava, 2015

The Monastic Brewery was built in the city centre, inside the “Bratislava Restaurant” situated on the Slovak National Uprising Square, inside a former cinema. The entrance is from Bratislava’s Golden Lane, with replicas of the facades and artefacts of Bratislava’s historical buildings. The microbrewery was assembled in the second half of 2015. The technology consists of a copper brew kettle with a capacity of 11 hl and with steam heating, a whirlpool, fermentation tanks, storage tanks, cylindroconical tanks, an ice water maker, and other equipment. The brewery opened towards the end of 2015.

Orel Brewery near Moscow

Russia, Orel, 2000

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied a turnkey mini-brewery, including an entirely copper two-vessel brewhouse with a capacity of 11 hls, planned brewery beer output is 5000 hls.

Gorgon's Brewery

Russia, Yekaterinburg, 2014

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied a minibrewery to Yekaterinburg – the fourth largest city in the Russian Federation which lies on the border between Europe and Asia. The official opening took place on July 10th and 11th, 2014 and was attended by many distinguished guests. Delivery of the minibrewery was a “turn-key delivery”, i.e. starting from a project preparation to the first batch of beer brewed. The two-vessel block brewhouse made of stainless steel with copper heads with an 11 hl capacity of one batch is situated in the middle of a stylish restaurant. Minibrewery technology also consists of fermenting department with a total capacity of 70 hectoliters (5 pcs of 10 hl fermentation tanks, 1 pc of 20 hl fermentation tank) and lagering department with a capacity of 180 hectoliters (12 pcs of 10 hl lager tank,  3 pcs of  20 hl lager tank). For the beer bottling,  there are four tanks with a nominal capacity of 10 hls. Complementary facilities include a filling machine and kegs barrels washer. Existing minibrewery production capacity is 2,500 hectoliters of beer per year. The owner already owns a chain of restaurants, which thanks to the minibrewery from PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY, has expanded by its own beer offer.

Restaurant Brewery Friends

Belarus, Minsk, 2013/ 2014

At the end of last year and early this year PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY successfully implemented the FRIENDS restaurant microbrewery project in Minsk with annual production capacity of 3,500 hl. The microbrewery is dominated by a 11 hl two-vessel stainless steel brew kettle heated by steam with a surface finish in polished copper, hand-hammered sheets and electronic temperature visualization. Beer fermentation takes place in two open fermentation vats of 10 and 20 hl capacity. The additional equipment includes, for instance, a filler of keg and PET bottles, a two-drum keg washer and an ice water maker.

Mini Browar i Restauracja Spiż

Poland, Katowice, 2000

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied a restaurant minibrewery with an 11-hl brewhouse to Katowice in Poland in 2000.

Dobry Browar

Poland, Gniezno, 2018

According to the legend, three brothers named Lech, Bohemia, and Russia searched for a place where they could settle. At first they stopped on the hill where an old oak was standing and a white eagle was sitting on the oak, and Lech decided to settle in these places. Around the oak he built his castle, called it Gniezno, according to the eagle’s nest, and he received the white eagle in its emblem. The other two brothers wandered further, the Russians to the east, and Bohemia to the south. And just to the town of Gniezno, which today belongs to the oldest Polish cities, PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied another complete brewery. The 11-h PUBBY copper brewery was installed at the end of 2017 and the trial operation was already started. The brewery is situated near the historical center and has become the tenth brewery delivered to the Polish market from PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY.

Maryensztadt Brewery

Poland, Zwoleň, 2015

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY has supplied the technology for a microbrewery in Zwoleń, Poland. The supply consisted of a two-vessel brew kettle with a capacity of 11 hl (brushed stainless steel) and with steam heating, an ice water maker, 12 cylindroconical tanks with a capacity of 20 hl, and other accessories. The brewery produces in particular top-fermented beers, and since its introduction to the Polish market, the MARYENSZTADT brand has become very popular.

Klubopiwiarnia Brewery

Poland, Lodž, 2017

At the end of June 2017, the opening of the mini-brewery restaurant took place in Lodz, which is the third largest city in Poland. The 11-hl stainless steel brewhouse equipped with brass elements is located in the restaurant area. CK tanks can be viewed by visitors not only through windows outside the restaurant, but can also be enjoyed by guests inside the restaurant thanks to glass windows. The brewery is located in the downtown of Łódź, near the famous Piotrkowa Street, which is 4,000 m long and is a sought-after place of entertainment for local residents and tourists of the city.

Fuldabrücker Landbrauerei

Germany, Fuldabrück, 1999

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied a restaurant mini-brewery, including a 15 hl stainless steel brewhouse.

Edermünder Brauscheune

Germany, Edermünde, 2000

A restaurant brewery with a 11-hl copper brewhouse, fermentation tanks, lager tanks and other accessories were delivered to the German town of Edermünde in 2000 by PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY.

Hotelpark Stadtbrauerei Arnstadt

Germany, Arnstadt, 2000

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied a restaurant mini-brewery with an atypical brewhouse of 15 hls in copper design to the German town of Arnstadt in 2000.

Brewery for the company Packo

Singapur, Singapur, 1996

For Packo-Inox, PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY produced 3 pcs of 11 hl copper two-vessel brewhouse in 1996.

Kusatsu Highland Brewery (closed)

Japan, Kusatsu, 1997

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied restaurant minibrewery with a 11 hl copper kettle to the Japanese town of Kusatsu.


Japan, Hamamatsu, 1997

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY delivered a 11 hl copper brewhouse in 1997.

Kusano Craft Beer (closed)

Japan, Hakata , 1998

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied a restaurant microbrewery with a 11-hl copper brewhouse in 1998.

Tosa Kuroshio Beer

Japan, Teiyama, 1998

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY supplied a restaurant minibrewery with a 11-hl copper brewhouse to a Japanese town of Teiyama, in 1998.

PUBBY breweries have been built